Q: How do I use the card?

  • 1. Dial an access number for your area
  • 2. When prompted enter your 13 or 10 digit pin followed by the # key
  • 3. Press one to make a call
  • 4. When prompted enter the number you wish to call followed by #. For international calls dial 0011 + country code (drop the zero) + area code (drop the zero) + phone number followed by #. Calls within Australia dial area code + phone number followed by #.

Q: How do I Recharge the card?

  • 1. You can recharge your card via 'My Account'or by clicking Recharge.
  • 2. Enter your Card Serial Number as Login and your PIN as Password. Both of these numbers are located on the back of your calling card.

Q. I cant read my pin number

  • A. Call customer service on 1300 508 500.

Q. When I dial overseas do I always have to use 0011

  • A. Yes.

Q. How do I dial an international mobile number?

  • A. 0011 then country code then mobile number (remember to drop the 0 from the front of the mobile number)

Q. How do I dial an Australian mobile that is overseas

  • A. Exactly the same way you would dial it if it was here you do not need to dial the country code for Australian Mobiles.

Q. If I use my mobile phone to call the access number does my carrier charge me for the entire call

  • A. Yes! In most cases your carrier will charge you for the entire duration of the call. If you are not sure please check with your carrier.

For further information please contact us.